Tydy is a limited registered company in England  and Wales, company number 11611211 

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Choose your subscription to a selection of awesome ethical living products for your home or office.  


We'll deliver your products right to your door when it's best for you.


We'll collect your empties and swap them for refilled ones.

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How it works.

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1.  It's convenient

We'll deliver your products right to ynour door. That means time saved and no hassle remembering to add them to your shopping list or pick them up.

2.  It's flexible

We'll deliver when it suits you. We make it easy to pause, skip or cancel your orders anytime you like.

Four reasons why.

3.  Risk free

There's no long-term commitments, and if you are not fully satisfied we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

4.  Zero waste

We'll collect and make sure that all the packaging is reused time and again meaning none of it goes to waste - even better than recycling!

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Who we are.

We are a band of individuals who have come together to help change the way we think about consumption and waste.  By taking a different approach to the centuries old 'produce, consume and dispose' pattern, and with the support from some wonderful brands who share these same values, tydy's circular model extends the lifetime of packaging through reuse and refill. We conveniently deliver the brilliant home and life care products you need every month whilst ensuring zero waste is made.

Remember when the milkman delivered to your door and collected the empties?  It's like that only without the milk float, we use bicycles :)

We are working to bring you some really exciting ethical living brands of all kinds, if you would like to stay in the know subscribe today!